Wednesday, May 30, 2012

major moment

 via Nasty Gal
i'm not sure if my closer approach to 30 is to blame, if i am reverting to my childhood, or if i am falling back into my country upbringing, but i am majorly into all things overalls and suspenders this year.  its a style that is so comfy and unexpected, but i am finding ways to work it into my wardrobe in so many ways.  my collection has grown into denim overall jeans, thrifted overall jeans made into cutoff shorts, overall canvas skirt, and now white suspender lace skirt.  excessive?  hell no, just my summer staple of 2012.  

some other fun options i'm eyeing here and here

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  1. Loving the old style distressed/vintage denim, it's so great! There's a new giveaway open on my blog in honor of Seven Inch Stilettos reaching 600 followers, so feel free stop by and enter if you'd like to win a care pack filled with my favourite beauty goodies!

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