Tuesday, August 2, 2011

DIY: The Girly Tee!

I came across a sweet Ramones t-shirt last week at my office- score!  Only problem was that it was a size 2X-Large...wah wah.  But fear not, I decided to bust out my sewing machine and make a stop to the fabric store after work to pick up some cute lace trim and got to work.
Here is the ginormous shirt in its original state (aka the size of my coffee table):
 I basically cut all the excess fabric away to make it a sleeveless, cropped shirt to fit me.  From 2XL to XS with the snip of a scissor!
I took in the sides, hemmed the raw edges and added some girly flair to the collar.  And here is now one of my favorite new t-shirts for the price of about $1!
(along with Steve Madden shoes, Free People cut offs and thrifted belt)

Monday, August 1, 2011

Free As My Hair

Candy colored hair has been all the rage this summer and finally I was dying to get in on the trend.  Not wanting to pay for salon color and also not wanting to be stuck with permanently blue hair, I found a temporary blue dye at the beauty store and decided to try it out.  Here are the results!
I didn't want to bleach any parts of my hair myself, so I just dyed some of the pieces I have that were already lightened.  The results were subtle but fun and only last 4-6 washes!
Who knows, maybe I'll try pink next!

Friday, July 29, 2011

Gel Manicure- A Major Do!

Last week I went for my first gel manicure- I know what took me so long?  After years and years of acrylic nails, after I got rid of them I just never looked back to any kind of artificial type nail.  Well that was stupid of me! 

I went to Valley NYC, who can do anything you can dream of on nails, and got a gel manicure with a burgundy colored glitter gradient.  I am in love with the results and can easily see the salon becoming a more regular visit of mine.  I'm on day 6 of the manicure and it is still in perfect condition.

The Stud Project: Vol. III

 So as my stud supply has been dwindling I found a use for my final few studs.  Since I do wear a lot of heels and sometimes getting to and from work in the summer in 5 inch plus heels isn't my favorite thing to do, I decided to customize a pair or ballet flats to do my running around in!

I first saw this cute idea here, but decided spending $50 wasn't entirely necessary.  So with my last few studs, a utility knife and pair of Capezio ballet flats, I made my own.
 In order to punch the studs through I needed to cut teensy holes through the leather.
 Voila!  Super cute shoes to run around in for half the price!

Friday, July 22, 2011

Friday Favorites- Birthday Edition!

Tomorrow is my birthday and in true 'me' fashion, I have been preparing the celebration for the past week.  Starting with a small excuse to splurge on birthday shoes! 
 Tan and gold booties from Topshop and Dalmatian printed wedges from Free People
Blue Sequin loafers from Steve Madden (thanks mama!) and sassy studded kitten heels by Ivanka Trump (who knew??).

Free birthday body washes from Aveda and Sephora- love a free gift!
Some birthday beauty buys- Loving the new mascara from Benefit, really adds the dramz to my lashes.  Nail polishes from Urban Outfitters.  The peach is a perfect alternative to your traditional baby pink manicure and the glitter really gives you full coverage without having to layer 5 coats on.
Best decision all week- taking today off from work to lay in my air conditioned bed to blog and catch up on my pile of fashion mags.

Then off to celebrate with friends tonight and treat myself to a spa day tomorrow!
Although at this point my only birthday wish is for the heat to break and go down a full 20 degrees!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Stud Project: Vol. II

 So ever since I studded my Converse sneakers (here) I've had all kinds of extra pyramid studs just waiting to be used.  Last night I decided to put them to use on a pair of my summer cut off shorts! 
 Literally all I needed was my shorts, the studs and something flat to fold the prongs with- I used a screwdriver.
And here you have my bitchin new shorts with a studded cross on the back pocket.  Not bad for $15 Forever 21 shorts and a $4 bag of studs.  

And here you have a few shots of the shorts in action- and of course my behind as well.
What will I stud next??

Friday, July 15, 2011

Friday Favorites- An Awesome Friday!

 The Solestruck Fall 2011 Lookbook just came out today and I'm so excited to announce that my jewelry was used to style the models (including the colorful necklace on the model on the right)!  You MUST check out the lookbook here and CB designs NYC here!  It was kind of a dream come true to be included in this project.
 My first pair of Creepers- so funky, so fresh.
 A hand-me-down that was given to me in the office today.  A friend of mine shrunk this cute dress and passed it off to me- guess being a shorty does have its perks sometimes!
Last but not least my tickets to see Sir Paul McCartney at Yankee Stadium tonight!  I am one of THE biggest Beatles and Paul fans you will find so I've had butterflies in my tummy in anticipation of the big show all day!!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

GTFO Kingston

I am dying over the many looks of Kingston Rossdale.  I know it's inevitable when your mom is Gwen Stefani, but seriously...GTFO!  Where do you find skinny jeans for a 5 year old?
Baby Swoon.

Friday, July 8, 2011

The Anti-Flip Flop: A Rant

[So because I have let my boyfriend borrow my camera, my Friday Favorites post has now been postponed for a week.] 

In lieu of that, this post is dedicated to a huge summer pet peeve of mine, the Flip Flop.  To the flip flop I say, Come on people, you can do better!!  In my opinion the flip flop is only appropriate at the beach or maybe the laundromat and is a total cop out of a shoe.  They make a gross thumpy sound and ruin a possibly otherwise lovely outfit.  I understand the comfort value in them, so I bring you perfectly appropriate alternatives for a summer shoe. 
 A lovely closed toe summer sandal from Free People
Fun summer lace-ups in standout prints
A loafer is always in style year round- leopard is classic and this lobster print is perfect for summer!
Fitting for the boho trend, a Minnetonka moccasin never goes out of style and offers maximum comfort.

Always a classic is a Chuck Taylor Converse sneaker and looks adorable with cut offs or a summer dress.  They even have a slip on version great for summer.
The perfect flat summer sandal in a neutral color, really what outfit wouldn't this go with?  This one from Madewell.
And there is never a shortage of bright and fun flat sandals for summer, like this Jeffrey Campbell one from Urban Outfitters.
The flat alternatives are endless- don't forget the ballet flat, the espadrille, the gladiator sandal, etc.  And remember, it is NEVER OK to wear flip flops in the work place.
At this point in the summer, you can find great sales on sandals and cute summer shoes.  So put your flip flops back in your beach bag and try a little harder! 

Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy Fourth of July!

My patriotic manicure
 First attempt at crawfish.  Not the easiest thing to eat but fun!
 The view from my hotel room last weekend and my Jeffrey Campbell Foxy's.  Does it get any more American??
A very American tall cool Budweiser and my matching Chuck Taylors
My 4th of July weekend spent at Watkins Glen, NY for Phish's Super Ball IX.  A 3 day festival of epic measures!
In front of the Wonder Wheel in between sets.
8 sets of Phish, beautiful summer weather and now home for my sweetie's famous Juicy Lucy burgers.  Happy 4th of July everyone!!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Purple Haze- A product review

 So I'm taking a cue from my dear friend at Makeup Majesty and doing my first beauty product review!  Drum roll please...
Behold MAC Lipglass in All of My Purple Life!
I'm no stranger to MAC's lipglass and I've always been a big fan.  But last week I saw that they came out with limited edition colors in the lipglass and also eye shadows that were designed by a few lovely bloggers (how amazing would that be??).  I saw this bold purple and HAD to have it.  Fast forward 3 days (as they are online only and I had to wait for shipping) and here we are!  I adore the drama of this bright purple.  It is bold and fun without being too dark or goth for summer. Thank goodness I didn't hesitate because it is now sold out online!

Check out the other colors in the Bloggers Obsession line here before they are all gone!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Friday Favorites

 new summery bracelets (the friendship bracelets and Tubular being my own DIY- yes.  Tubular.)
 denim vest from J.Crew- a perfect addition to sun dresses, rompers, and tanks with armholes that are just too big for the office.
 Sassy fox tail to spice up my bag and a fabulous summer read by Jacqueline Susann, author of Valley of the Dolls- a cult and personal FAVORITE (and not just on Fridays!)
and of course my new tumblr!  make it your every day favorite!
l i p s t i c k  c o f f e e  a d d i c t

plus did ya'll notice the new blog header?  aw yeaaaahh, we're hi tech.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Tumblr What??

I started a tumblr!  Check it out, follow me, have a great time.

it's gonna be DOPE.