Friday, April 29, 2011

DIY Manicure Martini

I came across a new blog yesterday (just B) and one of the many fun things I found on it was this cute DIY newspaper manicure. I tried it last night and it was quite easy! And best of all you can do your nails and mix up a martini at the same time!

In a few simple steps:
  • Cut newspaper into 10 small squares
  • Paint your nails in desired color and let dry (don't use top coat yet)
  • Dip a newspaper square in vodka (yes, vodka) and place type side down on your nail holding for about 10 seconds. The harder and longer you press the darker the ink will appear.
  • Finish off with your top coat and voila!

I used OPI in Samoan Sand as my base coat and here were my end results!

The only problem I ran into was ending up with extra ink all over my finger tips. But once my polish was dry soap and water took right care of it! Editor's note: Any flavor of vodka will work, I happened to have blueberry handy at the time!

(top 2 photos via just B)

Let It Shine

It's a BEAUTIFUL day in NYC and the sun is just putting me in the mood for gorgeous brights today! Here are a few things adding some extra sunshine to my day!

images via Oyster and thefashionhash

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Explicit Content

Holy shitballs with these shoes. If I had any kind of load I think I just blew it.

My new life's goal is to be able to work from home using my hot glue gun to create the most magnificent pieces of art in the form of shoes like these.

Check out
Gasoline Glamour for more shoe porn and other rad stuff!

H&M Spring 2011

Kasia Struss brings Spring to life in the most recent H&M Magazine. Loving the easy but structured looks and digging the strong shoulder on that red blazer.

Photographs by Josh Olins.


Stunning model, Emily Baker, in recent shots from Vogue China

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Eye Pleasings

(is pleasings a word?) A trip down tumblr lane with some images that are my eye candy today.

images via
vogue riots, nastygal tumblr

Hats Not Optional

While I could not be less interested in the Royal Wedding event, the coverage of all the fashion preparation did turn me onto one thing...hats! I LOVE how what women will be wearing on their heads will turn into the talk of the event. We really need to take our hat flaunting beyond the Kentucky Derby and start to bring it to our everyday lives. These are just a few of my favorite head topping looks for summer!

Images via Asos and Urban Outfitters

Tuesday, April 26, 2011


A thing of beauty, the Cambridge Satchel has finally hooked me and has me lusting. The classic shape and style mixed with the standout colors they come in are screaming my name. Not to mention the versatility and function that goes along with these babies. A bag that will last you through the seasons for sure. Make mine Green, please!

And P.S. doesn't the green bag look great with my blog background? imagine how it would look with my wardrobe!!

images via Fashionsquad, Wheredidugetthat


Shut the front door with the new Jeffrey Campbell Litas on Singer22. Seriously. BAD. ASS. Left slightly breathless and doing everything in my power not to reach for my credit card. STUDS. Get the eff out.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!

easter outfit

easter outfit by zippygirlnyc featuring print dresses

Happy Easter to everyone! Just a few things that will forever remind me and be part of my Easter Sundays- Jesus Christ Superstar, antique eggs handmade by my great grandmother, sunshine and flowers, and Godspell. This year my Easter outfit consisted of my new Jeffrey Campbell Fords, H&M flower printed dress, Gap navy boy's cut blazer and a wide brim hat. And finished off with Essie's tart deco. Hope everyone had a great day and ate as much as I did!