Monday, August 1, 2011

Free As My Hair

Candy colored hair has been all the rage this summer and finally I was dying to get in on the trend.  Not wanting to pay for salon color and also not wanting to be stuck with permanently blue hair, I found a temporary blue dye at the beauty store and decided to try it out.  Here are the results!
I didn't want to bleach any parts of my hair myself, so I just dyed some of the pieces I have that were already lightened.  The results were subtle but fun and only last 4-6 washes!
Who knows, maybe I'll try pink next!


  1. I flipping love your hair!!
    I like that it's different from the standard bleached out then dyed blue hair. You have your own thing going on ;)

  2. thanks lady! i kind of just work with what i got :)

  3. Mama, you look fabulous. Love it!
    Mad For Fashion

  4. thanks! its now faded to a blue-ish/grey/teal color but i'm still enjoying it! haha