Monday, May 9, 2011

Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty

I had the pleasure of visiting The Metropolitan Museum this weekend and checking out the Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty exhibit. It was easily the most stunning thing I've ever seen in a museum (and I have been to my fair share of museums, galleries and exhibits).

I went there specifically to see this show but was not at all prepared for how blown away I would walk out. From the first piece I saw, my breath was quite literally taken away. At several points in the show my jaw dropped to the floor and I had no words for what I was feeling.

The exhibit was expertly curated from the music to the lighting to the room structure. Throughout the show were McQueen quotes displayed on the walls and alongside the pieces that just enhanced each look and in one room were TV screens showing various runway shows.

The exhibit runs through July 31st. It is an absolute must see for anyone that is able to make it to The Met.

images via Harper's Bazaar


  1. omg how beautiful!!! i need to go for sure

  2. I cant wait to see it! I have been anxiously awaiting its arrival.

  3. no way, they were in Harper's Bazaar. i snuck 2 or 3 photos but they turned out really bad and they yell at you for taking photos.

    but i did buy the book featuring the collection at the end of the exhibit and it is fabulous!