Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Great Sock Debate Part II- Solved!

So I was originally planning to wear this outfit with tights. But finally the weather in NYC blossomed into something beautiful and I just couldn't bear to stuff my legs into another pair of tights after months and months spent in them. So last night I decided to take a trip to JCPenney on my way home to find just the right sock! I tried this look with both a light tan and a heathered navy sock. I think the tan works better. I have to say I'm pretty happy with the outcome and my heels are much more comfortable with the soft sock on. Part of me even feels like a little girl without the ruffles on her socks. What do you think?

Jeffrey Campbell shoes, J.Crew jacket, H&M Dress, Yesstyle blouse



  1. I love those jaguar Ford Fur♥ They have been in my wishlist:)

  2. omyyyyy i dunno what i want more... the shoe or the socks!!!! but.. if i may ask... the shoes look like killer shoes in all senses... are they comfty? i wanna buy a similar ones on ebay and i was just wondering if my feet would have to suffer for my taste on fashion....

  3. the shoes are actually quite comfy! i wear them all day from morning til i get home at night after work. if you are familiar with the Jeffrey Campbell Lita, they feel similar to that. the only part i'm breaking in is around the ankles where they rub a little, but the socks help with that :) (the key is to have an extra platform at the front of the shoe)