Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Stud Project: Vol. II

 So ever since I studded my Converse sneakers (here) I've had all kinds of extra pyramid studs just waiting to be used.  Last night I decided to put them to use on a pair of my summer cut off shorts! 
 Literally all I needed was my shorts, the studs and something flat to fold the prongs with- I used a screwdriver.
And here you have my bitchin new shorts with a studded cross on the back pocket.  Not bad for $15 Forever 21 shorts and a $4 bag of studs.  

And here you have a few shots of the shorts in action- and of course my behind as well.
What will I stud next??


  1. This is freaking cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    The Latina Blogger

  2. Thats super cute!!!

    Great post!

    xo KCN

  3. Love it!!! so adorable and totally wearable!

  4. thanks lovelies! i'm getting obsessed with studding everything this summer!