Thursday, April 7, 2011

Hello Sweet Wildfox High!

Totally in love with Wildfox's Summer 2011 lookbook which was inspired by Francine Pascal's Sweet Valley High books. It highlights everything summer is all about- sleepovers, pizza, pool parties and prank calls. Its everything I did in my middle school years except slightly, er, well totally more glamorous. Sweet Valley High rocked my socks, I even had the board game. I could only dream to look like these girls when I played it!

Speaking of my middle school years...were you one of those girls that was obsessed with making friendship bracelets for everyone you knew? Ok, maybe that was just me. But anyways, I'm still doing it! But now I'm making grownup friendship bracelets. Check them out and get yours for summer at my store now!

And check out the rest of Sweet Valley Fox here


  1. Love this photoshoot!

    I checked out your store too, I loveeeeee pretty much everything! I really hope i buy something very soon!

    Great Post! :-)

    xo KCN

  2. awesome! thanks for checking it out, and let me know if you're interested in anything custom! xoxo