Thursday, April 21, 2011


NYC is about to be blessed with it's second Madewell store. While on my lunch break yesterday I was strolling down Fifth Avenue making my way to H&M when upon closer look at a storefront under construction saw 'Madewell coming soon.' Major score for the Flatiron District! The new store will be joining the Fifth Avenue stretch of Anthropologie, LF, Free People, and it's sister company, J. Crew to name a few. Located at the corner of 19th Street and taking the place of the old Nine West store, the new space looks to be slightly larger than the Soho store which is a win for all of us. The spring opening of this and the new Michael Kors store just one block away is going to make for some fun lunch breaks this summer!

Some of my favorite looks for spring from Madewell and the Vintage Rocker Jeans that seriously changed my life.


  1. LOVE your blog header image ;) and it's such a stroke of coincidence that you have photos of satchels there. i've been craving for one so badly... it's like the universe is driving me to go out and get one!!

  2. thanks!! i'm lusting after a satchel too. check out the cambridge satchel company, theirs are gorgeous and i'm trying to convince my bf to get me one :) (and thanks for reading!)