Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Orange You Glad!

All my life there was one color that I swore was the only color I hated and didn't look good on anyone. And that color is orange. Maybe it was the abundance of orange surrounding my childhood in the form of hunting suits that started my initial turnoff of the color. But the arrival of spring/summer 2011 has me changing my tune. I am loving the color on everything from shoes, to dresses, to nail polish and to lip color. It adds a great unexpected pop to any outfit and is fun alternative to your traditional red. When it's warm enough to get some sun (or at least convincingly pull off a fake tan) this color is going to rock my wardrobe!

While its been making appearance on many runways and Hollywood's most stylish this spring, I know there are some that are iffy on putting it into your beauty routine. But with a shade of orange to flatter everyone, you can't go wrong with a bright pedicure or pop of lip gloss in this season's IT color!

Topshop Lips in Ohh La La, Ego and Greed Two Hundred, Zara Spring Summer 2011, Nars Blush in Taj Mahal, Essie in Bright Tights, Ego and Greed Bowler Esp

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