Thursday, April 14, 2011

Rockin in the Free World

Maybe it's because I started my day listening to the Forrest Gump soundtrack that led me to purchase these American flag inspired Converse Chuck Taylors this morning. When Sweet Home Alabama came on, all I could think about was Forrest dancing in his new sneakers in his living room with Jenny. One thing led to another and bam, a morning filled with all things American and Hippie and Peace and Love. While I'm not usually one to be all patriotic, I am kind of feeling the 1960s American free love vibe for some looks this summer.

And of course getting ready to make fresh pies and tarts when the berries are finally in season.

(Also, yes I realize that Neil Young is Canadian- but that album just embodies the feelings I have in the rest of the post, and he looks so cool on the cover.)

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